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Buying a home can be one of the most significant investments you make in your life. You are not only choosing a place to live, you are probably investing a large portion of your assets. Using a REALTOR® to represent you in this process can help to make the process go smoother and may even save you money.

The Buying process involves more than just looking at homes. Do you need a buyer’s agent? Maybe you just have a question about the home buying process. A REALTOR® at Granite Realty, LLC is just an email or a phone call (406) 839-2202 away.

The following 2 links may include helpful information during and after the purchasing of your home:




Buyer’s Checklist:

  • Start packing early.
  • Shop early for your home insurance. Your new lender will need this information early in the process. They will require that you prepay a year’s insurance at closing.
  • Remember to contact the post office and other providers with your new address.
  • Be sure and contact utility companies, phone, gas, electricity, cable and water etc.
  • If you are selling simultaneously with your purchaser your new lender will require a copy of your closing statement from your sale be brought to closing.
  • The title company will require a cashier’s check or wired funds. Some sellers won’t allow occupancy until they have their proceeds in hand and that can sometimes take a day or so after closing. Have your realtor find out when you can receive the keys and move in.
  • If possible your new lender should have final figures and a closing statement for your review at least 24 hours prior to closing. This cannot always happen, though, so stay calm.
  • You must bring valid and current picture identification to closing. Expect the title company to require a photocopy be placed in their file. Acceptable forms of identification are driver’s licenses or passports or other government picture identification.
  • If you or a co-buyer or co-signer cannot be present at closing and a power of attorney must be used, contact the title company. They can provide you with an acceptable form of power of attorney.
  • Schedule a final walk through with your realtor prior to closing.