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Selling your home can be difficult. No matter what your reason for selling, you have become attached to your home. You have created many memories there. It is time to put your emotions aside and look at your home from prospective buyers eyes. Now is a good time to repair those little nagging things that you have just lived with – get rid of what you don’t need, touch up bad paint, depersonalize, make room in the garage for the cars, and clean! Clean! Clean! If you need help with the home selling process (Link to Page), a Granite Realty, LLC REALTOR® is just an email or phone call (406) 839-2202 away.

Seller’s Checklist:

  • Start packing early! Remember you have to be totally out on the day of closing.
  • Let your insurance agent know you are selling but don’t cancel your insurance until the transfer documents are recorded.
  • Make sure all repair requirements have been met in plenty of time so final inspections can be made. Also make sure all repair bills are paid.
  • Contact utility companies for final readings and have them taken out of your name on the day of closing.
  • Make sure your home is spotless and all of your personal items are removed. Don’t assume the buyers will want your garden equipment etc.
  • Be sure requirements on your buy and sell agreement regarding personal property are met. Don’t decide at the last minute to keep the chandelier.
  • You will need current picture ID to sign documents at the title company.
  • Don’t expect your proceeds check at the time of signing.
  • If you are simultaneously purchasing a new property, check with the title company handling your purchase to see how to best transfer the needed funds.
  • Make sure to contact the post office to forward your mail.
  • Cancel all deliveries, newspapers etc.
  • If one of the parties cannot be at closing and a power of attorney will be used, be sure the title company has approved of the document as specific language is required.  They can provide you with an acceptable power of attorney if needed. The title company will require the original at the time of signing.
  • It is nice to pass on the names of your favorite landscaper etc.
  • Leave any appliance warranties and instructions in a kitchen drawer along with extra keys.